Bridgestone and Webfleet selected battery diagnostics leader volytica diagnostics as one of the 12 partners for the launch of their new platform unifying energy and mobility service providers. The goal is to enable providers from both industries to collaborate and connect and ultimately accelerate electric mobility globally.

Volytica partners with Bridgestone and Webfleet

volytica announced today a cooperation with Bridgestone Mobility Solutions, the business of Bridgestone focused on data-driven mobility solutions including Europe’s leading fleet management solution Webfleet, for the launch of the world’s first comprehensive EV Services Platform. In total, the new platform brings together various industry leaders, each contributing unique services to optimize electric vehicle (EV) operations.

volytica states its contribution to the EV Services Platform includes “advanced battery analytics solutions, accurately crafted to elevate the performance, safety, and longevity of electric vehicle (EV) fleets. With this, volytica guarantees its partners cutting-edge safety assurance of batteries, residual value optimization, historical performance insights, maximized battery lifecycle, strategic insights for extended performance, and efficient replacement planning”.

According to Taco Olthoff, EV Program Director, Bridgestone Mobility Solutions, “volytica’s proven industry experience and track record in the electric mobility sector positions them as an ideal partner to the platform. volytica’s integration will allow fleets using Webfleet to benefit from advanced battery analytics across all vehicle types and brands at the flick of a switch. The seamless standardized data exchange between the EV services platform and volytica is one of the missing links – unlocking the full value that energy and mobility service providers can deliver by integrating their systems much closer than ever before. This is why our EV Services Platform is such a game-changer.”

Claudius Jehle, CEO, and founder of volytica, is delighted: “This new platform confirms the crucial need of battery analytics in ensuring the safety and reliability of electric vehicle (EV) fleets. Our goal has been to continuously deliver the best of battery data monitoring. We make battery data visible to EV fleet owners by sending early alerts of battery anomalies, ensuring access to historical reports on the condition of the battery while driving and charging as well as information on the residual value and battery lifetime. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in shaping the future of electric mobility.”


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