Ekoenergetyka has established a partnership with GodEnergi to distribute and service its products, expanding its footprint in the Nordic region.

GodEnergi, which has more than 14 years of experience with electric vehicle infrastructure in the Nordics, particularly in Denmark, will lease, sell, install and service Ekoenergetyka’s chargers. The company has already installed more than 6,000 charging stations, including Ekoenergetyka products, at municipal bus depots, Ekoenergetyka says.

Ekoenergetyka – GodEnergi deal

Established in 2009, Ekoenergetyka grew out of an academic research project by co-founders Bartosz Kubik and Maciej Wojeński. The company now employs more than 1,000 people and supplies 20% of Europe’s charging stations for municipal buses, according to figures from the company itself.

Ekoenergetyka’s expansion drive is backed by Enterprise Investors, a leading Central European private equity fund, which took a significant minority stake last year. The fund has announced plans to invest more than €45 million in e-mobility projects.

Technicians from GodEnergi participated in training at the manufacturer’s headquarters in Zielona Góra, Poland, in November, gaining essential knowledge about how the chargers are built and insights on how to install, activate, and modify them.

Ekoenergetyka is creating strong distribution partnerships across Europe to support its move into the market for passenger-car chargers.

“We are proud to have GodEnergi as a part of our network of Service Partners,” said Krzysztof Sitko, Director of Ekoenergetyka Service Center. “GodEnergi has a lot of experience and high competence with charging infrastructure. It’s a great company to realize a project of transport electrification in the Nordic region.

“The collaboration with Ekoenergetyka is in line with our ambitions to offer innovative, sustainable charging infrastructure in the Nordic electric transport sector,” said GodEnergi Founder and CEO Jan Darville. “It is gratifying to add Ekoenergetyka to our portfolio of solutions. We feel a great deal of support and a true partnership approach, because we not only get a product, but also valuable know-how and problem-free product delivery.”


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