Former Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess will join The Mobility House as the new Executive Chairman of the Board.

In 2024, the company, in collaboration with Mobilize, a brand of the Renault Group, will launch the first commercial V2G offering in the European market.

Herbert Diess joins The Mobility House

Starting 2024 Diess will take over the role from Alexander Landia, who has been holding the position since 2017. This strategic decision marks a significant milestone in the realization of V2G by The Mobility House, the company says. Since its founding in 2009, the company has been committed to the transformation towards a sustainable and efficient energy and mobility future. Today, The Mobility House claims to be the world’s leading technology company in the field of Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) and intelligent charging.

Vehicle-to-Grid technology is a key element for the rapid and cost-effective implementation of a renewable energy system and the global energy transition. This concept utilizes electric vehicles not only as means of transportation but also as mobile energy storage units that can feed energy back into the grid when needed. The technology portfolio of The Mobility House focuses on transforming both mobile and stationary electric vehicle batteries into swarm storage or flexibility potentials. This promotes the expansion and integration of renewable energies while reducing CO2 emissions.

The Mobility House markets approximately 100 MWh, or 4,500 stationary 1st- and 2nd-life vehicle batteries in Germany, France, and the Netherlands. These batteries are utilized in energy and power markets as well as in various products. At the same time, The Mobility House globally manages more than 1,600 charging locations intelligently through the Charging and Energy Management system ChargePilot.

Herbert Diess, a statement with focus on electric cars

Herbert Diess says: ”The strongly advancing expansion of wind and solar energy requires significantly higher storage capacities and flexibility in the future energy system. The rapidly growing fleet of electric cars, which is used on average for less than one hour daily, is already the world’s largest electrical energy storage. To use this to optimize the power grids and thereby offer electric car users significantly lower energy costs is the vision for the future that I share with The Mobility House. This will benefit drivers, manufacturers, energy providers, and, in particular, the energy transition can be significantly accelerated. The Mobility House has developed market-ready solutions for this, which can now be delivered to customers in collaboration with automakers and energy providers. The latest electric cars are already Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) capable. I look forward to shaping and accelerating this disruptive transformation of the energy ecosystem together with The Mobility House. It’s a great goal, as formulated by the founder Thomas Raffeiner of The Mobility House: in the end, electric cars will drive for free and emission-free.”

Thomas Raffeiner, founder and Delegate of the Board at The Mobility House elaborates: ”We are excited to welcome Dr. Herbert Diess, a pioneer and visionary in the field of electromobility, to The Mobility House. We are united by our vision. Our gratitude goes to Dr. Alexander Landia, who has been a valuable guide to The Mobility House and has significantly contributed to the success of the company with his dedication. He will continue as a member of the board of directors.”


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